Gyro Fly-inn - Kitty Hawk

By Pieter Cronje


On Saturday 4 November 2023 a Gyro Fly-inn took place at Kitty Hawk Airfield to the east of Pretoria. Although the day stayed overcast with a little early morning rain, a high turnout made a success of the day.

Dawie Pretorius, Airport Manager at Kitty Hawk, giving a helping hand directing the parking and welcoming the arrivals

The early rain still on some of the Gyro's

Some of the arrivals at the Gyro Fly-inn

To a degree the day was reminiscent of the North meets South Gyro meet at Gariep Airfield a few years ago. There were 32 Gyros attending (most with pilots and some with pilots and passengers).

Whilst the Gyro's caught up on the latest news, their pilots and passengers filled up with their caffein requirements and other nourishments. The buzz amongst the human participants indicated that they were also glad to see each other and also catch up on the news (and I would guess the rugby. Just to make a point! Pun intended)

Although unconfirmed, it would seem that Gyro that flew the furthest for this event would be from Mbombela.

The Gyros came in many colours (but mainly yellow and white) and a number of makes, but it would seem that they were all powered by Rotax engines.

The thumbs up indicates that the next Gyro Fly-in cannot come to soon.

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