Annual Reports)
SAPFA ANR Event, Stellenbosch 6 November 2021

ANR Rally at Stellenbosch Heritage Day 24.09.2021

The SAPFA Secunda Speed Rally - 28 August 2021

SAPFA - The South African Power Flying Association

SAPFA Rally Qualifier Round for the WRFC 2021 - 18-20 June 2021

22nd FAI WRFC Stellenbosch 16 to 20 Nov 2021

The PTAR, Celebrating its Centenary at Ermelo - 21-22.05.2021

Krugersdorp Shelia Taylor ANR Nav Rally 08.05.2021

The Aircraft Unlimited Middelburg Speed Navigation Rally

The SAPFA SA National Rally Championships Stellenbosch 2021

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